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Selling A Home?

Don’t put your home's equity at risk by working with an inexperienced agent. Work with me.

Listing on the MLS? Hoping to do a lease option? Creating seller financing? Just looking to sell your home for quick cash?


Regardless of how you're looking to sell your home, choose to sell with me.  Use my 550+ Real Estate transactions worth of knowledge and experience to make sure you get the best deal (ask your agent how many they have).


Oh and by the way, working with me means you'll be saving money in fees and commissions.


How mUCH IS YOUR home worth?

Get cash for your house today


Buying A Home?

Don’t risk losing your dream home by working with an inexperienced agent. Work with me.

Earnest money, REPC, due diligence, finance and appraisal, pre-qualification, DTI, ARM, escrow, CMA, and the MLS.

All terms you've probably heard before. But do you really know what they mean or how to navigate buying a home? Does your neighbor or brother-in-law who recently got their license really know any better?


Choose to buy with me and put 550+ transactions worth of knowledge and know-how in your corner.


Oh, and by the way, working with me means you'll be saving money on fees and commissions.

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"Patrick has been the most helpful and attentive person I have had the privilege to work with. I know my wife and I have not been the easiest clients for him, but he has always been just as excited as we are. If I ever buy or sell another house I know just who I will call!"

- Matt (South Jordan)

"Patrick guided us through a complicated process in a very simple way. We were thrilled to save that much money. Patrick is awesome, this is how real estate transactions should be.

- Bryan  (Kaysville)

"Patrick gave me some great advice that saved me a TON of money. I have now referred him to everyone I know. On top of his great insight, he was professional, kind, and his response time was awesome."

- Lisa (Salt Lake City)



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